Speeding in Fort Road

Article by Cllr Philip Rafaelli

There have been increasing complaints about people speeding and racing along Fort Road. A number of residents have started a petition which you can add to at http://chng.it/bLMfFgHhbx

Since being made aware of the problem, we have taken a number of actions:

  1. The police and Community Safety teams have been informed and the police will pay particular attention to speeding in the area (within resources).
  2. HCC Cllrs Chris Carter and Peter Edgar are investigating procuring a solar powered speed warning sign which they would fund out of their HCC Cllr’s fund.
  3. The Community SpeedWatch team have been informed and will target Fort Road for speeding offenders.

For those who may be interested in joining the Community SpeedWatch team please contact the local coordinator Gary Walker on: garywalker6267@yahoo.com