Simon Bellord

Simon was born in Dorking and grew up in Horsham.

Most of his early working life was with Phillips Petroleum where he worked in IT during the period in the late 80s and 90s that saw the introduction of desktop computing and networks were he supervised changes to all the locations in the UK including working Offshore.

He left in 2000 to complete a degree in Politics Philosophy and History at Birkbeck College, London and was one of the pioneers in the internet project for children educated other than at school where school was simply not appropriate for their needs. He also worked in a pupil referral unit and taught IT key skills at Nescot College before training to become a Home Inspector and working as a Sole Trader offering property Inspection services including Inventories.

In 2006 he was awarded The Rotary Club of Woking ‘Man in The Community’ for his efforts to revive the towns YMCA and was selected by The Conservatives to fight the seat of Mayford and Sutton Green. He was elected and served two terms.

On Woking Council Simon was Executive member for Housing and Property Services and Wellbeing. He introduced the Hoe Valley Scheme that finally cleaned up a 100 year old contaminated tip, provided flood defences that took over 200 houses out of flooding danger, new state of the art community buildings for the Sea Cadets and Boxing Club and Guides and terrific new facilities for Westfield Football Club plus a wonderful riverside park that was all paid for by a private housing development and The Environment Agency at no cost to local taxpayers.

He also chaired the key early stages of a PFI housing project now being built as Kingsmoor Park that has included affordable and social housing to the area, in this he insisted that there should be apprenticeships available for local young people and this has happened. He also enthusiastically supported the creation of Woking’s fully owned housing company now called Thameswey Housing formed just before he was elected he argued the case for purchase of street properties to meet a range of housing need in the Borough.

He was involved with the planning committee and attended Planning Summer School at Swansea University. Here he teased northern Labour councillors in a lively exchange at a Shelter presentation about how imaginative Woking’s housing policies were compared to those in the Labour north even though the 2004 housing act was the policy of a Labour government we had made it benefit Conservative Surrey much better.

Simon served as a governor at Westfield Primary School for six years, he was Chairman of the Resources Committee and vice chairman of governors where it was a privilege to work with the head Mrs Hing as she transformed the school.

Simon first came to the area when he surveyed houses in the Solent area for External Wall Insulation and energy efficiency improvements and decided to move down despite the work under The Green Deal disappearing! Since living in the area he has worked in a variety of roles most recently as a Transportation Planner.

He has three children all in their 20s and his daughter is nearest in Southampton.


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