Richard Dickson

Richard (Dixie) Dickson wass delighted to be selected as the Conservative candidate for the by-election being held on Thursday 30th November 2017.

This by-election wass not wanted, but sadly necessary, as a replacement for the much respected late Councillor Mrs Jill Wright, needed to be elected to represent local residents.

Richard Dickson is a Bridgemary resident who has lived in Gosport for over 50 years. He served as a Gosport Borough Councillor for 12 years and is keen to utilise this experience for the benefit of Bridgemary North residents.
Richard was elected as a Councillor for Christchurch Ward. He is a former Mayor of Gosport, having been elected by his Councillor colleagues to serve for the Mayoral year 2012-2013. Dixie was a member of the Borough Council's Licensing Board and Standard and Governance Committee. He was also the chairman on Gosport Borough Council’s Allotment working group and vice chairman of the Community Board.

Before this, Richard had a successful 34 year career in the Royal Navy, was a local businessman, and is now semi-retired. He is currently President of the Gosport and Alverstoke Branch of the Royal
British Legion and is a local school governor.

Richard is appalled at Fareham Borough Council’s plans to build the IFA2 Interconnector at the Daedalus Site and is strongly against their plan to build hundreds of houses in the strategic gap which borders the Tukes Avenue / Meadow Walk area. Richard is leading the campaign against this proposal and is actively supporting his Conservative colleagues in opposing these intrusive plans.

In Bridgemary North, the Conservatives have resurfaced the junction of Meadow Walk and Springcroft, Gregson Avenue, Boyd Road and Woodside. Richard has also asked for work to be carried out in Tukes Avenue and Vian Close. Much of this has been reported in our regular In Touch newsletters.

However, this election is not just about pot holes, paving and trees; it is about a strong voice to represent you in Bridgemary dealing with issues that affect us all. Many of you have supported Richard Dickson’s campaign to stop the development of 475 houses being built behind Tukes Avenue and that continues to go from strength to strength. However when speaking to residents on the doorstep it is clear that saving HMS Sultan is also one of the main issues for you. Richard raised this matter with Caroline Dinenage MP and she assured him the Gosport task force is working hard in putting forward a viable case to ensure the thousands of jobs on HMS Sultan can be saved. If elected Richard will work hard alongside the task force to try to ensure the thousands of jobs are protected.
This election will not decide who runs the country, or who controls our borders. It is about who you consider will do the best job to deliver local services and who will promote policies that will benefit  Bridgemary North and Gosport.

Richard has been part of the Conservative Group who has worked with all parties for the good of Gosport and its people. He has a proven track record which speaks for itself. If he is elected, he will do all that he can to contribute to that success for the people of Bridgemary North.