Mr George McAleese

Gosport Conservative Association Chairman
Gosport Conservative Association Treasurer

I am not a ‘professional or experienced politician’, however, I have been a resident in Gosport for thirty nine (39) years and witnessed many changes with the reduction in Naval & Naval Base facilities and personnel, lack of jobs, increased traffic and the problems associated of commuting to work. Over the years I have also witnessed the effects of the Borough Council political infighting, arguing, promoting self-interests and spreading disinformation – all of it to the determent of the people of Gosport. Fortunately, the Conservatives have been in control of the Borough Council since 2010 and in conjunction with the Conservative led Hampshire County Council and our excellent MP (Caroline Dinenage) have actually made Gosport a better place to live.

We have Hampshire Country Council Elections on 4th May 2017 (six (6) Candidates within the Constituency – four (4) seats currently held by the Conservatives)  and Borough Elections in May 2018 with the Conservatives fighting for all seventeen (17) seats that are up for re-election (the Conservatives currently hold twenty one (21) seats). I hope that many of you share similar views to me and will consider voting Conservative in both Elections. You know that it is common-sense to vote for the only Party that can improve things within the Gosport Peninsula. Of course, you could actually go one better and join the Party, thereby having your say in how things are shaped – see the joining instructions.

I am ex Royal Navy (Submarines) and currently Chairman of the Gosport & Fareham Branch of the MS Society.

A few of my personal views and beliefs are:

·         We need to strive for a fairer society and actually reward those who work and contribute.

·         The UK will be much better out of the EU

·         The UK needs a strong military

·         We need to look after the vulnerable and the elderly

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