Craig Hazel

Elson Candidate

Many people say that representation on the council should reflect all ages. Craig Hazel was elected in Elson Ward, in 2012, at the age of nineteen and has put the enthusiasm and energy of youth into representing the people of Elson.  Craig has lived in Elson all of his life, he attended both Elson schools and Brune Park. At a young age Craig was interested in working for the community and has represented Gosport as a member of both Gosport Youth Council and Hampshire County Youth Council for many years where he held many senior offices.

Craig Hazel has worked tirelessly for the people In Elson when he was their ward councillor for the four years and has a proven record of success when dealing with local issues. Such issues Craig has worked on include working with GADSAD to replace their building after the fire, he has ensured back alleyway collection of refuse remains for both Worthing and Selsey Avenue residents, and looking after the needs of young people he has delivered new play equipment in both Ham Lane and Elson Recreation Parks. On local transport issues Craig has also dealt with off street parking provision in Elson Road, had double yellow put down outside the Three Tuns in Elson Road and has installed the one way system in Elson Lane/Exmouth Road. With regard to housing for the elderly Craig has ensured the refurbishment of the sheltered accommodation in Woodlands House, Chestnut Walk. Some of the current projects Craig is dealing with include replacing the old church hall and scout hut at St.Thomas’s in Elson Road with something more up to date for local community groups to use, improving the surrounding area around the old Jack in the Bush public house. Craig is also working on behalf of local residents living in Elson Road to reduce speeding traffic.

Unlike some Craig is not a career politician. Like many councillors he has to work for a living however he recognises the importance of representing the people of Gosport in the work he does. He has held surgeries at the Three Tuns, is a regular participant in police meetings and has an excellent record of attendance at council meetings and civic events. For example this year alone he has attended over 20% more meetings than the Liberal Democrat leader and has claimed less allowances, proving value for money for local residents.

Craig lives in the heart of Elson Ward and, as highlighted above, has a proven track record of working in the ward all year round for the people of Elson and Gosport. Craig has represented you very effectively for four years and would like to continue working on behalf of the community of Elson.