Supermarkets Sign Pledge To Drive Down Food Waste 

More than 100 of the biggest players in food have signed a government pledge to drive down food waste. Supermarkets such as Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Sainsburys, Tesco and M&S have committed to help halve food waste by 2030 and ‘Step up to the Plate.’

The pledge should not only drive down food waste but save UK households an estimated average of £500 a year. As the UK currently is estimated to waste 10.2 million tonnes of food and drink annually, worth around £20 billion.  

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, commented:

“I was shocked to hear not only how much food is wasted, but how much it costs. It is harmful to our environment and pockets, which is why I am pleased to see that big food players across the UK are committing to tackling this excess."

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said:

“I am delighted to see so many UK food businesses commit to game-changing action to cut food waste, and I hope that others follow suit.

“The UK is showing real leadership in this area, but each year millions of tonnes of food is wasted.

“I want to thank our Food Surplus and Waste Champion for inspiring business to step up to the plate. Together we will end the environmental and economic scandal that is food waste.”

Food Surplus and Waste Champion Ben Elliot said:

“We are pleased to see these retailers committing to change. To those retailers yet to sign the pledge – why not? You have a responsibility to step up and do your bit.

“We will be highlighting those who participate and those who do not. The food waste crisis can only be solved by collective action.”