Questionnaire on the No 11 bus

To fellow Anglesey / Alverstoke residents,

As you may remember negotiations took place to re-route the No.11 bus whilst Haslar Bridge was being repaired. 

Shortly the bridge will be open again for vehicle traffic and therefore we wish to seek the opinion of residents on whether the route stays the same or reverts back to going over the bridge.

The advantage of the present “temporary route” is residents can get to the shops, doctors, dentists etc. in Stoke Rd and the High St by using just 1 bus, rather than having to change buses at the ferry. 

The data from First Bus is the following:

July, August & September 2015 compared to March, April and May 2015 - increase in passengers by 10% (this may be solely or partly attributable to the summer weather) 

September 2014 compared to September 2015 - 5% increase in passengers 

We have contacted First Bus, Hampshire County Council and Gosport Borough Council and all are happy to keep the “temporary route” if that is what residents want. The Traffic Commissionaire has to be informed and therefore I need to know your views by the 23rd Nov. so we can inform First Bus of the publics preferred option. 

When the Haslar site has been fully re-developed, then we suspect First Bus may well want to investigate making it a full commercial route again without any subsidies from HCC or GBC.

Please let us know by email, phone or filling in the questionnaire attached. 

Many thanks for your support in retaining the No 11 bus service for our area.



Cllr Alan Scard                         Philip Raffaelli                       Cllr Bob Forder

The Conservative Anglesey Action Team


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