No increase in Council Tax

Gosport Conservatives have pledged to freeze council tax again next year.  It would be the third year running the Conservative administration will set a zero per cent increase in tax for local residents.  Having made difficult and tough decisions last year to keep costs down and improve efficiency, the Conservatives have maintained delivery of all services to the public.

Over the past 3 years the workforce has been reduced by about 25 per cent.  41 jobs were cut last year including 40 per cent of senior management staff. This has enabled the Conservatives to streamline the organisation and make Gosport Borough Council very lean and efficient.

Council leader Mark Hook said “Despite the coalition Governments cutbacks we have still delivered all the services the public demand from us. The new contracts put in place in April for our main duties (refuse, street cleaning, and grounds maintenance) have delivered savings totalling millions of pounds over the lifetime of the contracts. With prudent housekeeping we will deliver another year with no increase to the council tax.