MP says “Help Control Unhealthy Ads”

“Like most mums I’m alarmed to see the number of unhealthy food advertisements that tempt and tantalise my children with a damaging idea of what constitutes a healthy diet”. Caroline Dinenage MP

Local MP Caroline Dinenage is encouraging her constituents to have their say in food advertising.

This week the Government has launched an open consultation asking for advice on how to reduce children’s exposure to unhealthy ads that contain foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS advertising). In 2017 children were exposed to over 700 million HFSS adverts and the government want to place restriction to adverts that are linked to child obesity.

Caroline commented:

“I completely agree that we need to reduce children’s exposure to this type of targeted advertising to ensure that they remain happy and healthy. I would encourage all Gosport residents to have their say and voice their opinions.”