The last Labour Government told us that our peninsula would never receive any money for road improvements because it was "strategically unimportant". Fast forward to 2015 and Gosport & Fareham have seen more progress made on our roads in the past five years than the preceding five decades. I have worked tirelessly with local councils and the Solent LEP to get the support and funding we need for local road improvements. I even brought the Secretary of State for Transport to the area to see the problems for himself!

We have secured over £100 million for local improvements including upgrades to Newgate Lane, Peel Common Roundabout, the A27 and St. Margaret's Roundabout as well as preliminary work on the Stubbington Bypass. These works will take time, but once they are complete I am confident that they will ease congestion from the Gosport peninsula right up to the M27. The Stubbington Bypass is a vital part of the solutions to our traffic problems which is why, if I'm re-elected on Thursday, I will continue to fight hard for the remaining funding to ensure it is delivered.