"I am delighted that the Ivory Bill has become an Act of Parliament this week, one of the toughest in Europe and the world. These robust measures are essential to protect elephants and fight back against poachers." Caroline Dinenage MP.

This week, the Ivory Bill has become an Act of Parliament, prohibiting dealing in ivory. Following the widespread engagement of the Government with environmental groups, the public and the trade sector, the law bans the sale and purchase of ivory. The Bill provides for narrowly-defined and carefully-targeted exemptions if the item does not directly or indirectly contribute to the poaching of elephants.

In the last ten years, elephant populations have declined by a third, with around 20,000 elephants slaughtered a year. This October, the Government hosted the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference, and the passing of this Bill is another crucial step towards protecting elephant populations for future generations.

Caroline commented:

"It has been devastating to see the decline of animal populations and the endangering of species across the globe. It is fantastic that the Bill has gained cross-party support and the Government is becoming a global leader in closing ivory markets, introducing one of the toughest bans in the world. It is vital to protect these magnificent animals against poachers and I am glad that the Government is standing up to this abhorrent trade.”