Gosport takes on battle against weeds

Gosport Borough Council is stepping in to tackle weeds growing on roads and pavements after Hampshire County Council scaled back its spraying schedule.


As highways authority, the county council is responsible for looking after public roads. It used to spray pavements and kerbs three times a year.


But the number of sprays was recently cut to once a year, leading to many stretches of road looking untidy.


The Borough Council has now allocated £46,000 a year to tackle weeds, spraying at least three times a year. This summer, to bring overgrown areas back under control, workers will use strimmers before the spraying schedule gets under way.


Cllr Mark Hook, leader of the Gosport Borough Council, said: "It's regrettable that HCC now only seem to be spraying once a year. This has created the problem that now exists. We recognise that visually, it's unacceptable, and affects civic pride.


We want our Borough to look as good as possible, but this lets us down, so we're taking steps to get on top of the situation."