Gosport Conservatives safeguarding services!

Gosport Conservatives safeguard school crossing patrols across Gosport. As our children return to school tomorrow after half-term, it’s Gosport Conservatives keeping them safe as they learn road safety with the help of their friendly ‘lollipop man or lollipop lady’ on the way to and from school.

If you were to believe some of the scaremongering you see in the expensive glossy leaflets put through your door from the Liberal Democrats in Gosport, you may think that our kids’ lollipop men and ladies were going to be lost.  This is far from true, it’s an outright lie. 

Conservative run Hampshire County Council is this week making sure that there is plenty of money in its budget to pay for Gosport Crossing Patrols, the Gosport Recycling Centre, Community Transport, and Adult Social Care for Gosport residents.

Gosport Conservatives listen to residents’ views and we ensure that you get the services you want from a well-run and fiscally responsible Council.

Conservative Leader, Councillor Mark Hook said, “It’s great that Conservative Councillors Stephen Philpott, Peter Edgar, Chris Carter, and Graham Burgess go to Winchester on a daily basis to do battle for Gosport and not just safeguard Council services, but enhance them, and do so without the wasteful spending of taxpayers’ money that the Liberal Democrats would be doing if they ran the Council.”

Councillor Hook also said “Not only is Conservative run Hampshire County Council one of the cheapest Councils for Council Tax, but it’s been able to make millions of pounds of savings for taxpayers, without cutting frontline services.”

Councillor Linda Batty, Bridgemary South Councillor added “We know first-hand the importance of helping children across the road on their way to school.  My husband Peter was a popular lollipop-man for years and people come up to him still, thanking him for help across the road when they were younger.  Gosport Conservatives are the only party voting to keep lollipop men and lollipop ladies, and the public are smart enough to know that this is the truth.”