Gilkicker Clean Up

The Council will be carrying out remediation/clearance works to the land around Fort Gilkicker on the 5, 6 & 7 December; the works will consist of the levelling of most of the ‘soil bunds’ that have been created around the site and the removal of the vegetation that has been stacked within a fenced compound on the western side of the site. Ecologists from Hampshire County Council and GBC's Countryside team have advised that now is when the least damage will be done to any sheltering wildlife. This element of the work will be carried out in accordance with a methodology set out by the HCC Ecologists and supervised by GBC's Countryside Officers.

Please download plan linked from the bottom of this page.

It shows the work that is proposed around the site but will also include a general clear-up around the site to remove any larger pieces of masonry on the paths.

The intention of this work is not to reinstate the site to its previous configuration but to make the site safe for users and provide a basis for the natural recovery of the diverse eco-systems.

Anglesey Councillor Philip Raffaelli welcomed the confirmation that this work is now going ahead and thanked the Officers from HCC and GBC who have worked closely with the Developer to agree the required work package. He also thanks the Gilkicker Information Group who have input their local knowledge of the site to help shape the work package.


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