Exciting New Domestic Agenda Announced

The Queen has come back to Parliament for the second time this year to announce the newly formed Conservative Governments domestic agenda with more than 30 bills announced.  

After gaining a 80 majority in the December General Election, winning 365 seats across Britain, the Conservative Government has greater power and influence in the House of Commons to push through the new Bills that it has proposed.

Protecting and strengthening the National Health Service is one of the key proponents announced today. This includes enshrining the NHS budget of £33.9 billion extra a year until 2023-4, in law. Other measures include free nursing bursaries for students to help recruit 50 000 more nurses as well as creating 50 million more GP appointments. The Mental Health Act is going to be modernised and reformed so that those with mental health problems have greater control over their type of care. Hospital car parking charges are going to be abolished for those who need it the most and hospitals will have better access to innovative medicines and treatments.

In regards to education, the Government has reiterated that it will increase per pupil funding levels in every school as it has already announced earlier this year, with every Gosport Constituency school receiving an increase totalling £58 million next year. Funding will increase every year for the next three years in the first step to ensure that every child received the best possible education.

With the rise of knife and violent crime across the country, stop and search powers are to be extended to known knife carriers, with stronger sentences and automatic arrests for those who are caught carrying a knife. New legislation will make it harder for the worst offenders and terrorists to get out from behind bars.

As expected, with their new majority, the Government will ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union by January 31st by passing Boris Johnsons Withdrawal Agreement. With every Conservative candidate pledging to support the deal over the Election, it is expected to pass easily through the Commons. This will include an employment bill to protect workers’ rights after Brexit.

There is an expected 50% business rate discount for small businesses including those that are most important to local communities such as pubs, music venues and independent cinemas.

The Government promised also to provide a long-term solution for social care with a three point plan to provide an extra £1 billion funding every year, to find a cross-party consensus and guarantee that no one will have to sell their home to pay for their care.

In other news, after the controversial prosecution of Northern Ireland veterans this year a commitment has been made to ensure that Armed Forces personnel are protected from “vexatious” legal claims. Commitments have also been made to strengthen the Union and invest in transformational infrastructure.

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, who was elected with a 23,278 majority on December 13th, commented:

“Coming back to Parliament, there is a sense of renewed purpose and determination that has been lacking throughout this year as we have faced continued deadlock. I am really excited to see what the New Year will bring.

“This domestic agenda looks at tackling the issues that matter to my constituents most, our precious NHS, education, crime and armed forces. In 2020 we can finally get Brexit done and move away from the seemingly endless debate to make real changes throughout the country

“My constituents once again put their faith in me for the 4th time and I will do my upmost to not let them down.”