Community Board Update From Cllr Graham Burgess 7th November 2018

Tonights meeting approved two items and set up a working group to explore facilities for a new cemetery for Gosport.

Splash Park for Lee-on-the-Solent

This was widely welcomed by all members. The timescale is to get it operational by May 2019. To do this we have to move the existing Skate Park to Pirates Cove. This will mean new foundations and then taking the skate park apart and reassembling it exactly as it was at the western end of Pirates Cove. This will be completed, inspected and then ready for use.

Once that has been done, we can start on preparing the site for the Splash Park, Changing Places toilets and changing rooms. The splash park will be inclusive for all children. Invitation to tender has already started and detailed specifications will follow shortly.

Stokes Bay Splash Park

(The popular Stokes Bay Splash Park - Lee-on-the-Solent to get one for May 2019)

Housing Allocation Policy

Our Housing Department has undergone an in depth analysis on allocating properties to the right person. The new policy was adopted this evening to unanimous support for all members. It will ensure all needs are taken into account before an offer is made to the applicant. Full credit to all Gosport Housing Team for their involvement in this transformation.

New Gosport Cemetery

We have to find and identify a site for a new cemetery in Gosport as there are only three years of individual burial plots left in Anns Hill Cemetery. The all party group will look at all possible sites and identify the must suitable and report back to the Community Board.