Caroline Welcomes Vital Transport Review

“Our transport problems in this country is something that we have all experienced. I think this is a vital and necessary step, helping all my constituents have better, cheaper travel that will enable them to connect across the country.” Caroline Dinenage MP

Local MP Caroline Dinenage has welcomed the news that the Department for Transport is launching the biggest review into the transport system in a generation.

The ‘Future of mobility: urban strategy’ was launched today to explore new transport modes that will create cleaner, cheaper and more reliable transport links across the country. As part of the Modern Industrial Strategy, the review will explore modernising laws that will help invest and innovate transport.

The review will explore regulations around new types of vehicles including autonomous vehicles and e-cargo bike trailers, and how sharing data can reduce congestion, simplifying journeys and payments.

The announcement confirmed that £90 million will be invested to test these innovative ideas, with a competition for up to 4 new ‘future mobility zones.’

Future of Mobility Minister, Jesse Norman, said:

We are at a potentially pivotal moment for the future of transport, with revolutionary technologies creating huge opportunities for cleaner, cheaper, safer and more reliable journeys.

Through this strategy, the government aims to take advantage of these innovations; connecting more people and bringing big benefits we hope for both the economy and the environment.

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage commented:

“I look forward to seeing how this investment is going to improve the transport for my residents. Gosport has no train station, and as a peninsula has historic problems with traffic getting in and out of the constituency. I am delighted to see this positive step in the right direction, hopefully providing big local benefits, as well as for our economy and environment.”