Caroline Supports New Mental Health Campaign

The Government has teamed up with the Dukes and Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex to launch the new Every Mind Matters campaign.

The Every Mind Matters campaign looks to show simple ways to look after your mental health. The platform will offer a free online plan to help everybody cope with stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation and to manage mental health problems.

The project was developed with experts at Public Health England and mental health specialists to create a digital tool that would be simple and easy to use, offering personalised advice.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated that the new programme has three vital principles, that “first: that mental health is as important as physical health, second: prevention is better than cure, and third: that we must harness the power of technology for good.”

Recent announcements have underpinned the Government’s commitment to tackling mental health problems across the country, including £975 million for community mental health services and £70 million for 1000 extra community-based mental health staff.

Mr Hancock said the project harnesses the "power of modern technology to do good when we know it also can help contribute to some of these problems".

He added: "It draws together the importance of treating our mental health on an equal basis to our physical health, and treating it both as an asset that each individual needs to invest in, supported by the NHS and by the government, as opposed to just something that just needs to be fixed when it goes wrong."

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, commented:

“When we have a broken leg, we go to get it fixed. When we have a cut, we put on a plaster. Yet for so long we neglect our mind and mental health as we cannot physically see the damage and toll that it is taking on us.

“This needs to change. Confidence, resilience and good mental health helps drive us, keeping us happy and healthy. I am delighted that this new campaign will offer personalised, at home advice, for those who need the self-care tools to keep going. When appropriate, small bits of practical advice provide an easier and more manageable solution often than pills and medication.”