Caroline Speaks Out Against Fuel Poverty

Local MP Caroline Dinenage criticised the stranglehold the ‘Big 6’ Energy companies have on the market in a debate on energy prices today.

Speaking out against the unreasonable price rises, Caroline said, “Many people in my constituency have been suffering from fuel poverty for the past 13 years. I am appalled that Labour fell asleep during their time in power and allowed this problem to spiral out of control.”

After the debate Caroline said “Energy companies are clearly out of touch with the rest of society, and they are essentially profiting off the back of peoples suffering.  With the average dual fuel bill now standing at £1,345, my constituents are facing an annual bill increase of £200 per year, up from £15 only a few years ago.”  

The Government are taking proactive steps to address this issue by protecting the Winter Fuel Payment and introducing the Warm Homes Discount that will give £120 a year to the poorest pensioners.

Caroline added, “I think it’s so important to address the horrific levels of fuel poverty. I’ve already done a lot of work in promoting initiatives such as the Home Heat Helpline and Warm Homes Campaign, and I look forward to my constituents benefiting from these schemes very soon.”