Caroline Speaks Up Against Dogs As Weapons

Local MP Caroline Dinenage has spoken up in Parliament against the use of dogs as weapons.

In the debate in Westminster Hall, Caroline highlighted the growing trend for breeding and training dogs to be used for intimidation and crime. As tighter regulations are being imposed to clamp down on the use of knives, youths and criminal gangs are increasingly using dogs as weapons.

Caroline said: “Status dogs should be seen for what they are: a violent weapon, a source of fear and something that fuels the rise in crime and antisocial behaviour.”

The debate called for reforms of the Dangerous Dogs Act, which has often failed to allow enforcement officers to take proactive action to prevent the use of dogs as weapons.

Caroline called for a more cohesive vision for tackling the rise of the status dog, but also urged Parliament not to forget “the suffering of the animals. Despite the danger that they pose to the public, in many cases their experience involves severe animal abuse.”