Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage this evening presented to Parliament a petition calling for English votes for English issues to be introduced in the House of Commons as soon as possible. Petitions have been raised in dozens of constituencies across England. There was a co-ordinated presentation of the petitions to the Speaker in the House of Commons Chamber, with MPs from across England taking part.

Caroline said: "I am delighted to be presenting this petition for English votes for English issues on behalf of my constituents. Hundreds of people signed up online and the people of Gosport expect a fair settlement for England. We want to be able to decide our own priorities on issues such as health, education and local government, just as the people of Scotland are currently able to do. It is a basic unfairness that Scottish MPs can currently vote on English-only issues. English votes for English issues is a simple, but important change that will remove this injustice.

With the threat of an SNP-Labour Coalition just a few weeks away, we cannot risk the possibility that Alex Salmond will decide how English hospitals and English schools are run. English votes for English issues is the best way of ensuring Scottish Nationalists do not determine English-only issues."

Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the Fair Votes for All campaign, said: "Caroline is a fantastic local campaigner, and has done a great job representing the views of her constituents. People across England feel strongly that their voice in Parliament on English-only issues should not be diluted by Scottish MPs. I congratulate Caroline for raising her petition which calls for an end to this fundamental unfairness."