Caroline celebrates Inaugural Hampshire Day

Local MP will be joining the celebrations of the inaugural Hampshire Day today.

Hampshire Day celebrates Hampshire’s rich history and diverse culture, it will be celebrated on an annual basis.

A newly commissioned Hampshire flag will be raised outside the Great Hall to mark the beginning of the day.

Celebrating the historic county of Hampshire, the day will be a tribute to Hampshire and all that it contributes to the United Kingdom.

St Swithuns Day is celebrated on the 15th July and Hampshire Day will also be celebrated on this date as Swithun was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of Winchester and patron saint of Winchester Cathedral.

Commenting, Caroline said:

“Hampshire day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that is great about Hampshire, from its great cities to the rural countryside.

“I look forward to celebrating the day with all Hampshire residents. Given Hampshire’s great history as the seat of the capital of England and many other historical events, this will be a great opportunity to celebrate our heritage and the impact that Gosport has had in Hampshire.”

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire, Nigel Atkinson Esq said:

“Hampshire Day is about celebrating everything that makes Hampshire great – its heritage, world-famous historic sites, diverse mix of towns and villages, beautiful natural landscapes and, above all, the people of Hampshire - both past and present. This is why I hope communities across the county will embrace ‘Hampshire Day’ by holding their own activities and celebrations, so that over time, this Day will go from strength to strength in fostering a shared pride in Hampshire and all that it represents.”