Caroline calls for Governors!

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, is encouraging people to take up a role as a School Governor.

There are currently 24 vacancies at a number of schools across Gosport and the MP is keen to get local people from all kinds of backgrounds to apply.  

Caroline met with Eoghan Kelly from Governors for Schools to discuss the shortage of School Governors in the Gosport Constituency and to see what she could do to help fill some of the vacancies.

The Governors for Schools website has a number of resources for people to find out more about becoming a governor as well as full training and support.

Caroline said:

“School Governors are a vital part of our education system, ensuring that the school provides a good quality education for all pupils. A common misconception is that Governors have to be a parent, but anyone can do it and they make a real difference to young people and their local community while developing great skills.”

Douglas from Governors for School said:

“A school is almost like a family business – it’s a unique opportunity as you’re setting the pathway for the next generation. While the teaching staff do that extremely well from education perspective, people who come from outside education add value by looking at schools from a business perspective.  Not all of education is academic – it’s about preparing for life and guiding a generation in the right direction.

While overseeing the financial aspects of the school is a big part of the governor role, it’s about much more than that. Governors steer the school in the right direction and the rewards you get from the role are fantastic. In my time as a governor I’ve seen children join the school in reception and leave having grown into individuals.”

Anyone interested in becoming a School Governor can contact 020 7354 9805 or