Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage has today called for transport companies to pass savings made by falling oil prices on to their customers.

Global oil prices have fallen sharply in recent months, however, in some parts of the energy sector, consumers have yet to feel the benefits. Speaking during Questions to the Leader of the House, Caroline asked:

"There has been a lot of recent discussion about the impact of falling oil prices on energy bills but does the Leader of the House agree with me that actually transport companies should also be looking very urgently at how they can pass any savings on to their passengers and could we possibly have a debate on that?"

The Leader of the House, William Hague MP responded:

"Yes, this is very important. Of course, people think immediately of the price of fuel for motorists so vividly displayed on every forecourt around the country but it's also very important that across the whole energy sector companies are passing on the reduction in prices. They're starting to; as we discussed earlier suppliers of energy to households are starting to do so. It will be important for transport providers to do so as well and I know that my Rt Hon Friends the Chancellor and the Energy Secretary will be very keen to promote that."

Speaking outside the Chamber, Caroline commented:

"During these tough economic times it is absolutely crucial that households are able to make savings in any way they can. As falling oil prices have put transport companies in a position to reduce their fares, I believe it is only right that they should do so."