Caroline Calls For Arab Led No-Fly Zone

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage yesterday raised the prospect of an Arab led no-fly zone over Libya in a question to the Foreign Secretary, William Hague MP.


The UK tabled the idea of a no-fly zone at the UN this week; however, with the exception of France and Lebanon, support from amongst the International community hasn’t been forthcoming.


Recognising the recent backing the Arab League and the Gulf Co-operation Council have given such a move, Caroline suggested that a greater chance of success was likely to come via an Arab led initiative. Caroline asked, “Wouldn’t it be prudent to allow them to take the lead while the UK adopts the same policy as the US of strategic patience?”


The Foreign Secretary welcomed this point and said that the successful implementation of the no-fly zone would indeed depend on the active participation of Arab States, and that he would continue discussions with International partners on this issue.


Caroline added, “It’s important that we prevent the loss of innocent lives, I believe that an Arab led no-fly zone gives the International community the best chance of realising this.”