Caroline Speaks Out Against Pensioner Poverty

Caroline Dinenage, local MP for Gosport, raised the issue of pensioner poverty in the House of Commons this week, standing up for the older people in the constituency.

Caroline Works To Bring Olympics To Gosport

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, has been putting Gosport’s best foot forward with Olympic officials this week, attending an important briefing on its education programme, ‘Get Set’. This initiative will make thousands of free tickets available for school children outside London, helping inspire the UK’s next generation of winning athletes. She will also be attending a further meeting on Monday to discuss bringing the Olympic Torch to Gosport.

Caroline Speaks Up For The 'Little Guy' In Gosport

Caroline Dinenage, local Member of Parliament for Gosport, has raised the issue of late payments in a debate on manufacturing in the House of Commons. Caroline is particularly concerned by reports that larger firms are extending the time they take to pay their invoices and the negative effect this has on the cash flow of many local companies, potentially driving some out of business all together.

Caroline Voices Her Support For Increased Training For The Unemployed

Caroline Dinenage, local MP for Gosport, today attended a Parliamentary seminar which explored the ways in which training is provided to job-seekers. The event was well attended by representatives from the National Skills Council, Parliamentarians and the wider training community. The Government has said that it will make attending relevant training a pre-condition of welfare support so that as many people as possible are given the opportunity to re-enter the job market.

Caroline To Speak Up For Gosport On Influential Industry Panel

Caroline Dinenage, local MP for Gosport, has been invited to sit on the Marine Sector Advisory Group (MSAG). This influential panel of industry leaders advises the Government on how to promote the marine sector overseas and ensures that it remains globally competitive. As Gosport is home to a large number of marine businesses, Caroline is keen to ensure the ongoing prosperity of the sector and will be advising the group on a wide range of related issues.