“Triple Lock” security for pensioners remains.

It is a Conservative determination to ensure that people who have worked hard in their working years have the security that they deserve in their retirement.


The Triple Lock ensures that the basic pension is protected providing for an annual rise in line with wages or by 2.5% whichever is the greater and this will continue after the election. It is important to guarantee financial security for those who have a basic state pension and it can only be done through taking the difficult decisions necessary to put our economy back on track after the train wreck left to the nation by Labour.


A landmark decision to allow pensioners to access their own pension pots demonstrates quite clearly Conservative intention to do away with a system that denies pensioners the responsibility of spending the money that they have saved for their retirement.



To suggest that people in retirement cannot be trusted to use their money wisely is both insulting and a nonsense. George Osborne must be commended for ensuring that this injustice is ended. Recognising that people are living longer and will need more in the way of care services is a major consideration in The Conservatives long term financial planning.


By Councillor Roger P Allen